Right Tracks Program

Rights Tracks is a program that was developed as a positive response to the ever increasing disengagement of young Indigenous men in the Alice Springs region that is resulting in increased social dysfunction.

Ian McAdam, a local Indigenous man who is employed by the very successful Clontarf Foundation saw a need for such a program to be aimed at the 18-25 year old Aboriginal men who have had a history of low or no formal educational learning’s.

Both with an AFL coaching back round Ian and Shaun Cussack have a real connection with most of the young men Right Tracks will be aimed at.

Right Tracks has been developed to engage and support Indigenous males aged between 18 – 25 yrs in a catered learning and intensive supportive environment which will focus on:
  • Numeracy & Literacy
  • Health & Wellbeing
  • Mental Health
  • Alcohol / Tobacco education
  • Language and Culture
  • Job ready mentoring
  • Challenge Projects
  • Work experience / Pathways to potential employers
  • Life Skills training
  • Pathways to Higher learning / Apprenticeships
  • Leadership development
  • AFL Football CAFC (Redtails)
Right Tracks has another equally important component, ALF football. We will use AFL football to attract and engage our target group in our program. AFL football sit's alongside Aboriginal culture in terms of how important it is to our young indigenous men. It is played 12 months of the year in most communities in Central Australia and not surprisingly the most popular and influential males in the communities are footballers. We will use their passion for football to engage them in our program. We use football to build confidence and self esteem.

Ian and Rob Clarke realise that to repair this problem is going to take time and effort, they have spent many hours investigating what is and is not working in the lives of Aboriginal people in Central Australia and what gender and or age group needs their help to repair and or have the most impact in the shortest amount of time. It was decided that the biggest impact would come from 18 to 25 year old young Aboriginal men who are clearly disengaged in main stream society.

The next step was to devise away to hold these young men's attention for a long enough period of time to groom them into role models, leaders and mentors. From this point these matured men who will have had a massive life direction change and would be responsible to go back to their communities and improve these communities from within. This is achievable but the tool required to firstly hold these young men’s attention must be powerful interesting and something these young men are good at and really want to be involved with, not something that they would be made to do.

The answer is simple FOOTBALL (AFL). The best news about this tool is we do not have to reinvent the wheel, this carrot already exists these young men would do anything to play at a high level and represent their region. Introducing the Central Australian Football Club which we will discuss further into this proposal but briefly the rules regarding this new football club which will play in the NTFL Premier league is simple if you are not in full time employment, study or in the Right Tracks Program you will not be eligible to play in this exciting new team.

The Right Tracks Program (Tjaiya Rratja)/Central Australian Football Club  is a full time program 12 months of the year 7 days a week in a fully structured curriculum in conjunction with DPC (Desert Peoples Centre), CAT (Centre of Appropriate Technology) and Bachelor University, who are heavily involved in the educational and leadership roles of the program. We are in heavy negotiation with Congress in regards to the major portion of this program being health and well being. We have developed a television commercial with support from Imparja TV to gain wide spread information and direct people to our web site to explain our goals and developments.

The other major difference this program offers other than the obvious carrot (AFL) that we have integrated and the pivot to its success is the intense mentoring from the Right Tracks component. They will be involved with these men all day every day with the education/health side and the football side of this truly amazing program.

As explained the infrastructure and expenditure is aimed at providing the opportunity of the Redtails/Right Tracks Program to exist to then spread these key message throughout the communities in and around Central Australia. These key messages will be advertised and distributed through all forms of media outlets including all social media i.e. Facebook and our Web Page. Television, Radio and News Papers.
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