Larapinta Trail Record Run

On Friday the 27th of June, Chris Macaskill-Hants set off from the Telegraph Station at around 6:40am to complete all 223km of the Larapinta Trail in a record 2 and a half days, with the previous record being 4 and a half days. Chris had been in training for months to achieve what was thought to be impossible; running the entire trail over terrain comprised of mostly mountains, loose rock, sand and scrub, sometimes facing freezing temperatures, harsh winds and eerie darkness. Most of those who attempt to complete the trail allow for 10 to 20 days. However, Chris successfully completed the trail on Sunday night up Mount Sonder in 61.5 hours. The physical and mental challenge was immensely intense to say the least. The reason behind Chris deciding to achieve this incredible feat was primarily to challenge himself like never before and to promote the Redtails / Right Tracks concept. If you get the opportunity then please congratulate Chris on his outstanding achievement. Chris played in both of the Redtails trial periods in the NTFL and has been a part of both the on and off field success stories to date; believing in the program’s enormous potential to change the social landscape in Central Australia to a brighter and unified future.

If you would like to learn more about Chris please search and like his Facebook Page; “Larapinta Trail Runner.”
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